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If u have ever wanted free WiFi, the WiFi password finder is for you:

WiFi password finder, is the find of the day and some even call it the find of the century. While the rounds are going on in the social media that the application's anniversaries will be commemorated, the original creators refused to comment anything on it. As opposite to being calm and taciturn about an exciting application, the end users seem to have mounted a strident campaign for the application's creators as a thankful note. The obvious disproportion of the end users feelings and the application creator's feelings may or may not affect the marketing of the application WiFi password finder. Out of all the WiFi hacking tools available in the internet today, WiFi password finder stands on its own feet without seeking help from the external sources. WPA2 signals that come out of our WiFi network has a separate bandwidth and frequency, which will be decoded into digital signals by the "WiFi scanner" module of the application. Just when the oil or gas or kerosene seepages into water, the router also leaks WPA2 signals of certain frequencies which will carry the encrypted password. This encrypted password will be decrypted, consuming ages though, and will be unveiled to the console. The plight of every man, struggling to pay his unjust phone bills and taking a toll on the available money in his wallet, will be taken care of by WiFi password finder. So presuming you to be one facing this plight of a situation, you surely can't rule out trying the only application which would help you in your not-halcyon days. As many people like to believe, this WiFi password finder isn't another stint in the WiFi hacking world. As you stand unconvinced, I am endorsing this application as the best WiFi hacker I have used so far and bring to your notice the 98% success rate of breaking into any connections detected by the WiFi scanner module embedded in this application. If you try to understand the algorithm of the WiFi password finder and the concept it is based on, knowledge of real ethical hacking and high standard coding conventions would be imparted to you. While this application not only helps you gain free access to high speed WiFi, it also acts as a menace to money-looting telecom giants in the world. The application creators were reportedly warned to take down the application en route to not have their profits dented. And they communicated their concerns over the release of WiFi password finder to all the governments where this application is made available. The telecom giant powerhouses didn't stop there, they personally threatened the lives of the creators of the WiFi password finder, which testifies the sizable impact it had on the general public already and the unreasonable amount of profits these powerhouses make out of us. What every country witnessing today is an initiative, taken by young group of talented coders, trying to be squashed by the corruption-drived profit-hungry corporate world. Applications like the WiFi password finder makes its presence only once in a while, we shouldn't let it disappear.  So it is better late than never, get thewifihacker and spread happiness.

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